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We Can Alleviate Your Information Technology Pains

Do you struggle with:

  • Controlling technology costs, complexity and obsolescence while maintaining quality customer service and accommodating business growth?
  • Finding, hiring, training, and retaining personnel that can manage your technology affordably?
  • Managing a host of service and product providers that specialize in specific support areas but rarely understand or perceive Your Big Picture?
We can help.

When you outsource the support and management of your IT infrastructure to i•manage, you:

  • Are free to focus on your core business strengths and devote your valued resources to increasing your market share and bottom-line
  • Substantially reduce your IT investments so that you can redirect those dollars to other priorities
  • More effectively manage ongoing IT expenses through improved predictability of costs
  • Have access to the latest technology, thereby increasing the speed, flexibility and efficiency of your operations, allowing you to more quickly respond to customer and marketplace demands
  • Get technological solutions designed to intelligently serve and support the goals of your business, streamlining your operations, not convoluting them
  • Enjoy one-call-solves-it-all service and help desk assistance for ALL your systems and networks
  • Enjoy the expertise of a "general contractor" and "project manager" who can oversee your new installations, strategic projects, relocations and more

We help with the Business, Financial and Legal issues that surround IT
We know that IT impacts your business processes, your budgeting, your bottom line and more, and we can help you in ALL of these areas because we offer you a unique perspective and combination of skills.

Combining an IT expertise with business, legal and financial acumen, i•manage was formed in 1998.

Today, our company uniquely provides small and midsized businesses with all of the IT resources they need, as well as a "big picture" business perspective that results in technological solutions that serve their goals…not vice versa. We can guide you in the best ways to finance your technology, how to plan for and invest in future growth, how to realize the best financial advantages and more.

  Before i•manage After i•manage  

  » Hardware identification

  » Final decision


  » Hardware purchasing


  » Software identification


  » Software purchasing


  » Hardware installation


  » Software installation


  » Hardware support


  » Software support


  » Third party software support


  » End-user support


  » Add/Remove users


  » User security/rights


  » Printer support


  » Software updates


  » E-mail user support


  » Internet security


  » Anti-virus protection


  » Intrusion protection


  » VPN management


  » Remote access


  » Remote users


  » Software licensing compliance


  » Backup/Restore


  » Content Filtering


  » Power Protection


  » Budgeting


  » Help Desk


  » Acceptable use policy


  » Computer asset identification


  » Redeployment and disposal


  » Business process identification


  » Customer relationship management


  » Financial/Business considerations


  » Final decision

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