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i-manage Can Provide Any or All of the Following Services:
  • Network Design and Installation for your Local Area Network (LAN) and your Wide Area Network (WAN). We also assist with hardware recommendation, procurement and configuration.
  • Software Selection, procurement, installation, maintenance and updating to insure the most effective and efficient business processes.
  • Network Administration and End-User Support providing onsite service as well as a 24-7 Help-Desk if required.
  • Network Security (Firewall and Backup) as well as Remote Monitoring of all your servers, switches and routers to insure full security.
  • Total Integration of your business processes, systems and networks. Is your network down? Is your email unstable? Need to set up secure, online communications with a client? Looking for an effective sales management program? Need someone to manage the relocation of your offices? Whatever the need, we take it from there and provide you with the fastest, most reliable, cost-effective solution.

We Don't Start and Stop with Technology
The critical component to successful information management is planning. You have to understand how the information is to be used in order to determine paths and processes for usage. That's why we also help you with:

  • Business Process Consulting: We examine your current systems, networks and business processes, identifying integration and alignment issues and areas for cost reduction and improvement. We also review trends and forecasting and conduct a future needs assessment.
  • Asset Management: We look at your technological investments, do a cost-benefit analysis and recommend budgeting and financing.
  • Project Management: Need a general contractor to manage a move, install a database, select an effective, affordable provider? We can do this and more.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): We'll help you leverage your customer relationships to increase retention, loyalty and profits.

What's the True Cost of Your Technology Investment?
How much are you already spending on your technology? When you calculate the cost of personnel, overhead and lost business, you may be surprised. Simply click the link below and complete the worksheet for a basic estimate.

Invest in i•manage and Put Money in YOUR Pocket
While this worksheet gives you an overview of your investment, we can provide you with an in-depth cost-benefit analysis and show you how much you are currently spending for your technology…and how much it may be costing you in terms of business. Then we'll show you how an investment in i•manage will not only net you enough savings to cover our fees but also will return greater profits in terms of increased productivity, operational efficiency and better sales and service.

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