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With i-recycle ™ Your e-waste Worries Are Eliminated

You can go to jail for improper PC disposal. Few executives are aware of fines and jail time that they can get for improperly disposing of old hardware.
- Information Week, Sept 2005

While you may not even know all of the new regulations that govern “e-waste” and IT disposal, you still can be held accountable. That’s why you need i-recycle™ protection from i-manage.

  • We pick up and haul away your old IT equipment and assume full responsibility for its lawful disposal in accordance with all local, state, federal and EPA guidelines. All our services are fully HIPPA compliant.
  • We thoroughly sanitize and erase any operable hard drives and remove all identifiers to ensure your data privacy and security.
  • We shred and destroy inoperable hard drives so that all software and data is unrecoverable.
  • We provide you with our i-recycle™ e-waste guarantee ensuring full compliance with all necessary regulations and fully documenting all services performed for you and your company.

Turn Your e-waste Into Easy Money!
With i-recycle™ you protect yourself, your company and your environment…but that’s not all. i-recycle™ puts money in your pocket via our:

  • i-recycleResale Program: If your equipment is still viable, we will clean it, update it, assess its fair market value and remarket it through a number of various sales channels. Best of all, we’ll share the profits with you.
  • Employee PC Perks Program: Give your employees an extra perk and let them purchase your retired and refurbished computers. We’ll clean your PCs, test and prep them and post them for sale via a protected website. Then we’ll share the proceeds with you.
  • Dollars for Donations Program: If you’d rather donate your old IT equipment for tax purposes, we will affordably sanitize it to protect your privacy and security and prepare it for its future users. We’ll even deliver it to the charity or nonprofit of your choice and provide you with complete and detailed documentation of your contribution.
  • Commissions for Clients Program: Simply refer us to your clients and if any of them elect to use our services, we’ll pay you a commission based on volume of sales.

Price Quotes Guaranteed; Volume Discounts Offered
™ protection is not only extremely affordable but can actually save you money when compared to the time, expense and risk of do-it-yourself alternatives. While we offer contracts, none are required. Plus, our flat-fee price quotes are guaranteed with no hidden surcharges or transportation fees, and we offer volume discounts.

Call 402.817.7148 or 800.817.4183 or email sales@i-manage.com.

Critical e-waste Facts You Need To Know

  • Your Electronics Are Part of a Growing Waste Stream. An estimated 20 million personal computers became obsolete in 1998.  Last year, an estimated 250 million personal computers became obsolete. * The average lifespan of PCs is falling from 4.5 years in 1992 to an estimated 2 years in 2005. *
  • Your Electronic Products Contain Hazardous and Toxic Waste (notably those with cathode ray tubes or CRTs, circuit boards, batteries, and mercury switches). In particular the glass screens, or CRTs in computer monitors and televisions can contain as much as 27 percent lead. *
  • What’s Your Computer Worth? The Average Laptop Could Contain Data Worth Almost $1 Million…according to a report by security-software company Symantec, and some could store as much as $8.8 million. It is critical that businesses start looking beyond just the price of the hardware and recognize that they also need to invest in protecting the data stored on these machines, Symantec concluded. **
  • The Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act Allows Fines Up To $250,000 And 10 Years In Prison for each violation of patient health information privacy rules.
  • The Gramm-Leach-Billey Act Imposes Up To $100,000 Per Violation for financial institutions that fail to protect customer information.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Holds Equipment Owners Fully Accountable in terms of fines and litigation, if their e-waste leaks toxins or more into the environment.

Get i-recycle™ Protection From i-manage.
Protect your environment, your customers, your employees…and most importantly, yourself.

Call 402.817.7148 or 800.817.4183 or email sales@i-manage.com.

*Source: United States Environmental Protection Agency
**CNET News.com Jan 2006

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