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What's the True Cost of Your Technology Investment?

How much are you already spending on your technology? When you calculate the cost of personnel, overhead and lost business, you may be surprised. Simply complete the following worksheet for a basic estimate.

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Organization Statistics
How many personal computers (PCs) do you have in your company?
How many end users of PCs are there in your company?
What is the average PC end user's salary?
Total annual burdened salary per employee is:
(Assuming a 30% overhead)
Management and Staff - Direct Costs  
How much do you spend annually on outsourcing any of your IT operations?
How much do you spend annually on training for your infrastructure personnel?
How much do you spend annually on maintenance contracts for your PC equipment?
Total annual management and staff costs:  
End User IT - Indirect Costs
How man hours annually does the average PC user spend on computer related training?
How many hours annually does the average PC user spend on local file maintenance and end-user self support?
Annual cost of individual end-user IT activity:  
Total cost of all end-user IT activity:  
Downtime - Indirect Costs
How many hours per month do you lose end-user productivity due to planned or unplanned system and network downtime?
Savings Calculator
Without i•Manage Support Services   With i•Manage Support Services
Monthly Cost Per PC:     NetAdmin Services:  
Total Monthly Expense:     Total Monthly Expense:  
Total Number of Users:     Total Number of Users:  
      Monthly Savings:  
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